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Maarten Brijker (1993, Netherlands) aka Yon Eta is a sound-artist and composer exploring the sonic realities of life and ways of artistic collaboration through sound. He is interested in the possibility of sound to evoke mental images and emotional states and its function within storytelling. His work takes the form of performances, sound-installations, video-works, experimental club nights and multimedia music releases.

“An important part of the method in creating the music is the emphasis on narrative and storytelling. In my works the initial layer is sonic, but secondly it evokes a visual or mental image. I try to compose with sound as a way to sketch an audiovisual narrative, where the music places the listener in a constructed space where it narrates a story line much like a sensible journey. This, for example, can be a love story played out in the club, or a song that guides the listener out of an anxious mental space akin to a guided meditation. The spaces I create can be dark or light or anything in-between, but I aim to always create a door or progression to another mental space.”

Maarten Brijker holds an MA ArtScience obtained at the Royal Academy of Art / KONCON, the Hague, and a Bachelor in Economics from the University of Amsterdam. Under the DJ moniker Yon Eta he performs in clubs and regularly hosts radioshows and mixes, exploring storytelling through music. He runs the DEVORM imprint, a hybrid community challenging the form of AV releases. In his Bar None club-events he explores the past, present and future of club culture.

In recent years he has released audiovisual works in collaboration with Cinekid, FOAM, EYE Film Institute and Freeform Festival and performed at Sonic Acts festival and the Long Progress Bar festival (UK). Maarten Brijker has won major awards at De Grote Prijs van Nederland (2010) and the Berlin Music Video Awards (2013).

Yon Eta is available for sound commissions (composition, sound design & mastering), collaborations evolving around spatial sound-work and performances, live & DJ-performances, curatorial work as well for hire as music-advisor, teaching activities and workshops.

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