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a selection of collaborations with various visual artists, performers and sound-artists.

eMule with DJ STOCKER

I collaborated with DJ $TOCKER on two tracks of his eMule release.

23 Degrees / Esrim Veshalosh Ma’alot
Yon Eta / Tamir Eting / Nikki Hock
audiovisual performance

23 Degrees / Esrim Veshlosh Ma’alot, is a performance and installation work operated by a performance artist, a sound artist and a light artist. Constructed around two light panels and a sound-capture-processing system, the performers create landscapes of sound, light and movement, generating an immersive, sensorial and hypnotising experience for the audience.

About the work: “The work explores the fundamental conditions and possibilities of human vision. Departing from different ideas about human and non-human relations to stimulus of light and darkness, such as: the reflex response of pupils to light, dilation and contraction. As well as, the locomotory movement of insects towards or away from artificial or natural light sources. Or, the earth’s 23 degrees axial tilt causing the four seasons. Likewise, the work is inspired by ancient and modern ways of thinking light: 11th century navigation techniques using the horizon line and constellation of the stars to determine one’s own location and (centralise) relation to one’s surroundings. Also, the capitalist project of monetizing, traveling, and moving at the speed of light; producing a culture of constant luminosity.”

At the center of the work is a white wall, two light frames and two black holes. The light frames made from gel filters have  small contact microphones attached. Sounds coming out from the gel filter such as: wobbling plastic, rumbles, thunders and other earthly like sounds, are being recorded, manipulated and amplified by me. All sounds are generated by the movement of the performer who activates the frames. The sound and the light travels spatially and sensorially, hence it opens up virtual spaces that hint on memories, loss and crisis. It functions to remind us of the relation between human desire for power and control, and the ongoing environmental crisis we are living in today.

Concept, choreography: Tamir Eting
Sound: Yon Eta (live)
Lights: Nikki Hock (live)

Duration: 25′ 00”
Work type: performance
Year: 2020

Shown at:
• SNDO (Amsterdam)

20 20
Yon Eta / Tamir Eting
dance performance

20 20 is a dance performance for three dancers and a modular light sculpture made out of twenty metal strips of led lights by Tamir Eting. In a process of close collaboration with Tamir and the performers I have composed a 35 min long soundscape involving sound-design, foley sounds and original music.

“20 20 is a highly meditative and evocative work. In this interplay of friable tensions, dancers activate and move LED-strip embroidered metal rods that sculpt space and time to scramble all our frames of reference as viewers, evoking questions on the relation between desire and intimacy. A landscape of sorts is built between light and shade – inhabited by three half-naked roaming bodies conjures up a post-apocalyptic state between tension and attention, closeness and distance, the visible and the invisible” (Danse Elargie, Theatre De la Ville)

Concept, choreography and set design: Tamir Eting
Soundscape: Yon Eta
Performers: Dasom Lee, Winter Wieringa and Tamir Eting
Advisor: Nikki Hock
Length: 35′ 00″

Shown at:
• Danse Elargie, Theatre de la Ville, 2020
• SNDO – The School for New Dance Development. AHK Amsterdam University of The Arts, 2018

Bar None presents Islas Inútiles
Bar None
club experience

Islas Inútiles is an exploration in Dutch Caribbean creativity in the form of a club event by Bar None (Maarten Brijker & Fedor Oduber). Using two club spaces, a bar/gallery, and a cinema all situated in the OT301 venue in Amsterdam, we curated various elements to tell one big immersive story. The event consisted of music performances, dance performances, video works, photography, installation, sculptures and wall decorations.

Press release: We of Bar None love Bubbling. It has been finding recognition internationally the last couple of years, but locally some stereotypes from the 90s still loom over it. For Bubbling to be recognized and understood as a viable form of music, like Gabber, we feel it should be presented within the Dutch Caribbean culture that produced it.

After the Spanish “discovered” the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao they dubbed the islands “Islas Inútiles”, or Useless Islands in English. Even after more than 500 years, this colonial term is still felt. The Dutch Caribbean, including Saba, St. Eustatius (Statia), St. Maarten (SXM) and their Diaspora are clumped together even though they differ culturally from each other. And even though colonialism is formally over, the culturally mis- and underrepresentation of these members of the Dutch Kingdom has left the term “Islas Inútiles” as a whole still ringing true.

For this reason, Bar None presents “Islas Inútiles”: a Dutch Caribbean exploration. With this event we aim to portray some of the various facets of Dutch Caribbean creativity, with Bubbling, Carnival, Contemporary art and Cinematography. The theme to which the art is curated, is the intimate portrayal of Dutch Caribbean identity. We’ve invited Dutch Caribbean artists Natusha Croes and Gilleam Trapenberg as both artists and curators to help present this theme.”

Bubbling Area
DJ Moortje
False Witness
Yon Eta

Carnival Area
Jus Now (DJ Set)
D’ Soca Lyon
DJ Leeuwmaai

The opening of “Islas Inutiles” takes place in the Cinema of the Dam’d with a showcase of The One Minutes Series Islas Inutiles: seven intimate portrayals of Dutch Caribbean identity. A talk between DJ Moortje and False Witness on the origin of Bubbling and its’ influences. And a talk with Randy Telg of Bubbling TV on the history of the dance-style and a performance by the Bubbling tv 2.0 dancers.

Dutch Caribbean Artist featured:
Najandra Caldera, Roxette Capriles, Natusha Croes, Melissa Domacassée, Sharelly Emanuelson, Mirzah Manga, Rachel Moron, Kevin Osepa, Chelsea Peterson, Brett Russel. Lisandro Suriel, Gilleam Trapenberg, Nene Wilson. Pink Pony Express.

This project was funded by the Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten (AFK). Partners include The One Minutes, Bubbling TV 2.0 and Subbacultcha!.


Dodomundo X Yon Eta for NTS
mix / guest show

Guest mix with Dodomundo for Ling and Kepla’s show on NTS radio. Originally aired on 16 December 2017.

Phonophani – Mendel
yon eta – take me 2 the feeling
GENEpoOL – Ulayh Pmia
DJ NATE – Lil Mama Badd As Hell
ATC x Timbaland x Girls Love DJs – Around the Flute (yon eta blend)
Gated Boyhood ft Pony – Slap That Meat
Yetti Da.vinci Kid – Gz Brought Back To Life
Drone Operator – Vera Crux
Rae Sremmurd – SWANG Feat. 21 Savage (MF RMX)
LIL PUMP – Foreign (LUNY Baile-Funk Edit)
Robert Miles vs. Nelly Furtado – Children Say It Right [Martinn]
Anti-G – Freak It Out
Hodge – A Break in the Building

Length: 30′ 26″
Hybrid A/V with VJ Sphynx
TodaysArt Festival 2017
audiovisual performance

In a one-off show for TodaysArt 2017 Dutch artist Yon Eta and Mexican artist Sphynx present a hybrid A/V show exploring contemporary mashup culture. Inspired by social media infrastructure and nowadays’ fast content creation, they are consciously reinterpreting meaning by playing with source versus context of online content.

DEV004: Void, Separation & Waiting
multimedia release

Multimedia release for label DEVORM. Since 2015 I have been running DEVORM as an imprint to challenge the form of music releases. DEVORM experiments with the merging of different media within a product to convey a narrative. As head of the imprint I bring artists into collaboration and as art director I sculpt and lead the direction of the content.

DEV004: Void, Separation & Waiting is a release centered around music artist Ghost Kwini, together with Zgjim Elshani, Enrique Gutierrez (Sphynx) and Yon Eta. The collaboration resulted into a series of bio organism packs, special made tokens, an online 3d environment and 6 soundscapes.

Press release: “For his latest release, Ghost Kwini, delivers a 6-track EP, released as a ‘DIY bio-organism pack’. Kwini’s EP stems out from a fascination for biology, technology and information economics. He composes around this from a personal perspective of feelings of loss, love and loneliness. ‘Void, Separation and Waiting’ is the stage Kwini constructs for a loveplay with cells starring the lead roles. The music takes this symbiosis in its hectic use of melodic jumps and sounds which balance between friction and harmony.

Ghost Kwini is a Dutch artist, currently residing in Germany. Mainly working around themes such as internet-infrastructure, information economics and deeply inspired by UK grime and dutch music cultures like Hardcore and Bubbling. He is known for his releases on Sonic Router and appearances on Boomkat compilations. He updates his Mhambi Tyler youtube account regularly with sample-based audiovisual works, often on the edge of kitsch yet multi-layered artworks.”

audio: Ghost Kwini
artwork: Zgjim Elshani
token design: Sphynx
online space: Benny van den Hoogen x Sphynx
product design: Yon Eta x Sphynx
art direction: Yon Eta
mastering: Sander Haakman (Sonic Monkey)

released: July 12, 2017

DEV003: Metastasis
multimedia release

Multimedia release for label DEVORM. Since 2015 I have been running DEVORM as an imprint to challenge the form of music releases. DEVORM experiments with the merging of different media within a product to convey a narrative. As head of the imprint I bring artists into collaboration and as art director I sculpt and lead the direction of the content.

DEV003: Metastasis is a multimedia release centered around a collaboration between artists Robert Kirk and Enrique Gutierrez (Sphynx). The collaboration resulted into a 23 minute soundscape, 4 accompanying videos and custom made SD-cards with 3d printed case.

Press release: “DEVORM proudly presents METASTASIS, an audiovisual collaboration between artists Robert Kirk and Sphynx. The work centers around feelings of dispersion and dislocation, both geographically and socially, the artists have lived through. By using self-referential ways of production and the use of extreme elements that may not be pleasant to the ear, Kirk releases a feeling of falling apart, a center that cannot hold and thereby enters a period after stagnation. A metastasis.

Accompanying the audio, Mexican-born Utrecht-based artist Sphynx (Enrique Arce Gutierrez) made four videos using self-programmed software. The visuals reflect on the feelings in the record by making use of the same sampling techniques and incorporating the same dispersive aesthetics as the audio.

audio: Robert Kirk
videos: Sphynx
artwork: Sphynx
art direction: Yon Eta
product development & design: Yon Eta
web environment: Benny van den Hoogen
mastering: Sander Haakman (Sonic Monkey)

released: November 14, 2016

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