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a selection of commissioned work including composition, sounddesign and mastering for videos, performances and installations.

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
Leeza Pritychenko
composition, sounddesign & mastering

The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters connects artistry, technology, psychology and spirituality.

It is an immersive 4-chapter VR experience that investigates the role of nightmares in our daily existence, symbolism that can be found across different cultures and disciplines, types, and possible meanings behind the nightmares through the lens of both personal experience and research. The project’s ideas are rooted in theories of the founder of analytical psychology Carl Gustav Jung. The aim of the project is not to scare the viewer, but to provide an understanding of each person’s individual relationships with their nightmares, show the possibilities of symbolic interpretations, and open a new perspective towards acceptance of uncomfortable experiences.

For this project I have created compositions for each scene, sound-design and mixed and managed the Voice-over recording process. All sounds were triggered by specific actions of the user inside the VR experience. The compositions made for this project had to facilitate and guide the user through a transformative experience over the course of 5 scenes. The compositions have been tested and adjusted throughout the development-process.

The project is supported by Nederlands Filmfonds and Stimuleringsfonds.

Shown at:
• RGB.XYZ exhibition, Amsterdam (sept 2021)
• The Grey Space in The Middle, The Hague (dec 2021)

Ieva Lygnugarytė
composition, sounddesign & mastering

A short docufiction film “Visvaldai” about Lithuanian artist Visvaldas Morkevičius (b. 1990) was created before his solo exhibition “Looking Forward to Meet Me” which was opened on the 8th of July, 2021 in the ISSP gallery in Riga, Latvia.

Original music by Pijus Džiugas Meižis and Maarten Brijker (Yon Eta)
Sound design and Mastering by Maarten Brijker
Film was created by Ieva Lygnugarytė

The School of Narrative Dance
Marinella Senatore / TAAK
composition, sounddesign & mastering

Composition and sound design for Marinella Senatore’s performance with The School of Narrative Dance in Amsterdam.

Under the extraordinary circumstances of the covid-19 pandemic, artist Marinella Senatore brought The School of Narrative Dance to Amsterdam, at TAAK’s invitation.

For this edition, TAAK and Senatore invited Amsterdam residents to join her in reflecting upon the ‘new normal’: what are its social consequences, can we establish (new) connections together, what is the meaning of public space as a place for encounter in this time, and how will it redefine notions such as individuality and collectivity? Which experiences and insights do we carry with us when we return to the old normal? This special edition of The School of Narrative Dance shows the importance of Senatore’s practice, rooted in the possibility of creating new, unique communities, and in the potential of art as an instrument of exchange, connection, and cultural growth.

Duration: 28′ 57”
Work type: performance, video
Year: 2021
All I’m In Is Just Skin
Devika Chotoe
composition, sounddesign & mastering

A short film by Devika Chotoe

“When I reach to touch you, I touch not the you who is fixed in space as pre-orchestrated matter/form. I touch the you that you will become in response to my reaching toward’’ – (Erin Manning, Politics of Touch)

What does it mean to hybridize the dichotomy between self and other? To not be a guardian of the definite when eyes meet a surface and surface becomes a site of projection, but to think of the meeting of surfaces as a site of the emergence of unrecognised potentialities. To invite a perception through touch and by doing so subvert the premise of skin as a border. Allowing skin to become loci of a processual becoming: not being reduced to a singularity, but be situated in the movement of -and beyond- boundaries

The short film ‘’All I’m In Is Just Skin’’ is an audiovisual contemplation exploring shapeshifting through touch, tactility through the sonic and experiencing liminality through mundane gestures: navigating between the really apparent and apparently real.

This film has been developed in the context of Nieuwe Vide’s Cineclub, titled ‘’Queer Diasporas’’.

Performers: Ummi Renteria Wouters & Salya Berraf
Videography: Pablo Alanes & Ani Jo
Sound: Maarten Brijker (Yon Eta)
Light design: Katinka Marac
Text: G. Anzaldua “Light in the Dark”, E. Manning “Politics of Touch” and Devika Chotoe

Shown at:
• Queer Diasphoras, Nieuwe Vide Haarlem (june 2021)

Komt Tide Komt Raet
Unfair Amsterdam

Installation by Thijs Jaeger and Rik Laging for Unseen Amsterdam. The installation takes the form of a table full of moving ceramic sculptures and looks at the connections between ancient myths and contemporary culture. They investigate how various moral messages; life lessons, fears and confusions from ancient myths recur in our popular media.

For this work I composed a soundscape and created sound-design for different objects/characters of the work.

‘Unfair ’20, Westergastfabriek, Amsterdam (summer 2020)
‘The Model’, Collectie de Groen, Arnhem (sept – nov 2020)

Hypnosis of the Stolen Painting
Clara Lezla
composition, sounddesign & mastering

Composition, sounddesign & mastering for videowork by Clara Lezla.

With her video work, “Hypnosis of the Stolen painting”, Clara Lezla questions the world as a staged reality through three chapters unfolding as the inception of three “world-gates”. These distinct, yet visually echoing “scenes” recall the principle of the portal, the “trompe l’oeil”, the facade, the Hollywood set, the movie-staged landscapes and first and foremost the Funfair Ride.
Each world gate open up on different mechanism related to world building; from the popular belief of the Circus tent to the iconic object of the map, passing by the immersive technique of oral story telling…The video dwells into the fabricated stories that build our society and challenge the notion of simulacra as the main component of our reality.

Helped by interviews conducted with a Circus Artist, a Dungeon and Dragon Player and a Geographer, Lezla researches the different ways in which the creation of fiction influence our perception of our environment (landscape, architecture and leisure) and how fiction is performed in our daily life.

The camera guides the viewer through the limbo of these stages, helped by a script and a soundscape enriched of popular references. The video work demonstrate a capacity for details through animated allusion borrowing from the real cinematic world as well as user interface phenomenas.

Duration: 10′ 09”
Work type: video
Year: 2020

Shown at:
• KABK Graduation Festival (The Hague)


The Playboy and the Buddha
R.B. van Heesch
composition, sounddesign & mastering

Sounddesign & mastering for short film by R.B. van Heesch.

Music by Zubbin Dhital plus two original tracks ‘Maze of the Mind’ and ‘Simon’s March’ by Yon Eta.

The Playboy and the Buddha, directed by R.B. van Heesch. Filmed in five countries over the span of 4 years, this film is his meditation on the concepts of love spirituality, consciousness and sexuality.
Narrated in a series of dream-scapes, follow the journey of a young man on his path towards enlightenment. Will he discover his true self or will he go astray? Filmed primarily in Nepal, this project is a unique collaboration of many creatives.

Starring: Simon, Binod Singh Thapa, Rejina Khadka, Koujun Yokoyama, Jay Kim Iv, Shankar Kunwar, Amshu Sharma, Meera Gurung, Riden Shrestha, Jason Kumar Lopchan, Needesh Dangoel, Amar Gurung, Prabesh Chettri, Biplov Gauli, Rajan Pradhan, Prashanna Rjb Thapa, Sudarshan Gurung, Aashna Rana, Manju Shah Assistant Director: Meera Gurung
Cinematography: Manish Adhikary
Vfx: Kalind Sapkota, Nikki Hock, Rik Laging, Max De Waard
Sound Design: Maarten Brijker
Translation: Shishir Rana, Rubin
Original Soundtrack: Zubbin Dhital with additional tracks by Yon Eta

Length: 40′ 00”
Work type: short film
Year: 2020

• European Cinema Awards at Pathé Tuschinki, Amsterdam (upcoming may)

Ambient Emo Synchronizer
Cinekid Festival

Ambient Emo Synchronizer is a multiscreen video installation with interactive sounds addressing younger generations over their relationship with ‘relaxing’. The work consisted of 5 screens with different visual objects.

20 soundloops consisting of mainly sound-design and foley sounds for installation Lego Bendry by Leith Benkhedda and Diego Grandry. Commissioned by Cinekid Festival Amsterdam. 

Installation consists of 5 screens. Per screen 4 sounds are mapped to 4 distinct visual objects. Sounds can be switched by the audience with a press on the button 🔘


Blut & Boden
Deniz Eroglu
sounddesign & mastering

Sound design and mastering for video-work Blut & Boden by Deniz Eroglu.

Length: 10′ 05″
Work type: video
Year: 2019

Do You Believe in Magic?
Leith Benkhedda
composition, sounddesign & mastering

Composition, sounddesign & mastering for video by Leith Benkhedda.

Andromeda formerly known as Cassiopeia’s daughter will become the next Google operating system. Cassandra, princess of Troy, has become a database management system. Palantir, seeing stone from The Lord of the Rings, is powering US counter-terrorism and predictive policing. As if haunted, we tend to rely on occult narratives from a distant past in order to understand our technological present. New worlds wear the costumes of the old, meanwhile the effects of contemporary technologies are anything but fictional, and their mechanisms increasingly opaque. This project questions the effect of a rhetoric used by those who design the surface and the very core of contemporary technologies. What is the impact of mystification on our ability to understand? ‘Do You Believe in Magic?’ draws the outlines of a corporate secrecy made of unicorn alchemists and wizards. Welcome home, where during a night, inanimate objects come to life and magic turns into horror.
Video: Leith Benkhedda
Sound: Yon Eta
Length: 6′ 10”
Work type: video
Year: 2019

Shown at:
• WYSIWYG at the Grey Space (The Hague)

Private video link available upon request.

Mami Kang
soundmix & composition

Sound mix sampling various songs, sound design and original composition ‘Sorrow Drone’ for dancer Mami Kang.

About the work: “Transmission thinks dance as an alternative non-dualistic ritual by addressing an imaginary force. It unites materiality and immateriality as a form of faith in the current oversaturated world. By using the body as a kinetic and technological tool, Transmission emanates synthetic sensations towards the surroundings. Through the creation of fluid, unnatural, and ambiguous tragic dreams, and by continuously dismantling and reconstructing her subjecthood and objecthood, the protagonist attempts to give a new life to ideas about the body.”

Shown at:
• Veem House for Performance (2020)
• Korzo Theatre (2020)
• Spider Festival (2019)
• Frascati Theatre (2019)

Length: 25′ 56″

Mami Kang

Sound mix sampling various songs and custom sound design for dancer Mami Kang.

About the work: “Rendering is a performance exploring an imaginative figure produced by today’s technologically mediated world. A human figure is transformed into an “object that feels”. This “feeling object” attempts to undo the dualisms such as subject and object, material and immaterial and living and nonliving. Rendering is influenced by present online music cultures. In online platforms, users share feelings and represent emotions anonymously towards the tracks they listen to. Rendering considers such platforms as virtual utopian spaces in which users can connect to each other in an abstract level. Rendering embodies the objectified emotions generated by these spaces.”

Shown at:
• Flam festival (2018)

Length: 32′ 00″

Where the money is made
Eline Benjaminsen
composition, sounddesign & mastering

Composition, sound design and mastering for video work ‘Where the money is made’ by Eline Benjaminsen.

About the video: “Antennae on top of old water towers, radio masts and abandoned apartment buildings; the sites depicted are not those one would usually associate with high-finance. Yet, this is where some of the biggest profits are being made today; resolutely physical surfaces of an immaterial market. Here, profits are made at speeds exceeding the capacity of the human brain. Guided by geometric lines-of-sight between microwave transmitters and receivers, the work documents where so-called high-frequency trading takes place. Artificial intelligence and algorithmic technology allow trading firms to make profits close to the speed of light. This type of trading represents around 70 percent of the activity on global stock exchanges.”

Shown at:
• KABK Graduation festival 2017.
• Stroom Den Haag
• Nederlands Fotomuseum
• Salone del Mobile

Length: 05′ 12″

Private video link available upon request.


Tamir Eting

Composition and sound-design for dance performance Erratico by Tamir Eting.

Erratico is a dance piece dealing with the concept of paranodal space and the shifting of time through different focus points in spac

Length: 13′ 23”
Work type: dance performance
Year: 2017
The Afronauts
FOAM Amsterdam

Upon winning an open call by Museumnacht 2014 I was commissioned to compose a soundscape for Cristina de Middel’s exhibition titled The Afronauts in FOAM (Photography Museum Amsterdam)

Length: 8′ 24″
Worktype: soundscore for exhibition
Year: 2013

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