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personal sound works in the form of performances, soundscapes, DJ-mixes and interviews.

I Hear You, You Hear Me
Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) Vilnius
sound installation

Multi-channel sound installation exploring the intimacy and physicality of sound. Specifically, the work focusses on the textures of the voice and its function within human connection and feelings of closeness during isolation. More profoundly, the piece plays with the idea of ‘being’ on a relational level between humans; we exist within the relation to one another. Building on a personal archive of daily— and intimate— sounds captured during lockdown, combined with voice-recordings and sound compositions exploring imagination, the work aims to reflect on the past year. I Hear You, You Hear Me is an ever-evolving sound-scape which was opened by a live performance on the opening night of the exhibition.

Technically the sound installation consists of 10 speakers, partly hidden, throughout several rooms of the Composers House in Vilnius. The work integrates into the unique architecture of the building, while at the same time the sound-piece deforms the experience of the space. By using mainly intimate and tactile sounds, it feels as if the walls are speaking directly to the visitor; the work creates an intimate personal space for the visitor to have a profound meditative experience.

The work was presented as part of the group show JCDecaux Premija: Tarpai, curated and organised by the Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Vilnius.

A 60-minute stereo version of the work was presented on Rasų Radijas (LT).

Moving Time (live)
Grey Space in the Middle

Back in April 2021 I had the pleasure of performing live through streaming amidst the pandemic. For the Grey Space in the Middle I performed 30 mins of material live, recontextualising music with sound design and foley effects.

Video documentation on youtube, audiostream on soundcloud.

Take me 2 the feeling
music release

Dutch composer, sound-artist and DJ Yon Eta presents ‘Take me 2 the feeling’, his first official release.

The music slides between various degrees of emotional vulnerability, and contrasts expressions of love with sadness and nostalgia with hope.

‘Take me 2 the feeling’ features seven songs that have a music box quality to them: soft, charming but also delicate, reflecting the fact that making each of them was a meditative process for the producer. These sparkling, deceptively simple and affecting compositions have arisen from Eta’s music making as a ritual act, one that has helped him process and reconnect with himself amidst a whirlpool of new experiences.

With a focus on writing melodies developed through intuition, the tunes were composed on a 2-octave MIDI keyboard. Deciding to avoid beat samples and drums, Eta chose tactile sounds to play with: a music box, strings, a choir and three acapellas (lifted from Lil Durk’s ‘Beyoncé’, Ariana Grande’s ‘Focus’ and Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Run Away With Me’).

About choosing vocals from pop hits, Eta says “I’m inspired a lot by how pop often captures so much of the basic human emotions that I was dealing with at a personal level, such as love, sadness, confrontation, anxiety etc., while writing these tunes.”

Befitting the fact that it comes from a very personal space, there’s a from-the-bedroom atmosphere throughout ‘Take me 2 the feeling’. Some of the textures were directly inspired by bedroom-produced ASMR sounds. As well as childrens’ lullabies, Eta’s also a fan of YouTube’s bedroom pop-covers artists. All these influences are weaved throughout this release. Its textures were designed to sound small and delicate but also dreamy. Despite the influence of the bedroom aesthetic, almost all the tracks were produced away from home, such as while Eta was at school or on the train.

‘Take me 2 the feeling’ is available to stream on all platforms and to purchase via Bandcamp. The EP’s artwork is by multimedia visual artist Rik Laging. The video for the track ‘Eclipse’, starring two lovers on a Taiwanese beach, is by filmmaker R.B. van Heesch.

eMule with DJ STOCKER

I collaborated with DJ $TOCKER on two tracks of his eMule release.

Komt Tide Komt Raet (excerpt)
Unfair Amsterdam

Mixed excerpt from the ‘Komt TIDE Komt RAET’ OST, composed for Thijs Jaeger and Rik Laging’s installation of the same name. The original 40 mins long soundscape includes sound design and over 10 compositions.

• Spiel wind
• Soft elephant
• Dark twist
• Harpsi dance
• Earflute (dungeon version)

Length: 8′ 46″

‘Unfair ’20, Westergastfabriek, Amsterdam (summer 2020)
‘The Model’, Collectie de Groen, Arnhem (sept – nov 2020)

Full OST release forthcoming 2021.

In My Dreams I Stand Upon A Void II
Rupert (LT)
sound installation

In My Dreams I Stand Upon A Void II is a sound-installation exploring different conflicting parts of the self. This is done by exploring different dreamstates through sound and creating a sonic narrative with different musical -voices and -spaces. The work deals with themes of lucid dreaming, anxiety and the subconscious. This contemporary experimental sound piece makes use of field-recordings, voice-overs, music and takes the form of an immersive sound installation placing the spectator in a bedroom like space. This work was made during a Rupert residency program and was accompanied by a publication with selected entries from a dream diary.

Length: 21′ 24″

Ideas emerging to different people
DAR x The Good Neighbour

‘Ideas emerging to different people’ is a sound performance based around research dealing with different dreamstates. By using various created sound-loops, field-recordings and voice-overs the work composes a musical narrative that deforms the venue and transcends the audience within said dreamstates.

This work was the result of the DAR x The Good Neighbor composers residency (2019) held in Druskininkai, Lithuania. Performed and presented in Vasaros Amfiteatras Druskininkai.



In My Dreams I Stand Upon A Void I
Royal Academy of Art (The Hague)
sound installation

Immersive sound installation resembling a dialogue between three fictional characters inside a dream. The work consists of a completely dark space, five speakers and three tiny blue lights and acts as an audio play using music, foley sounds and voice-overs. The work deals with themes of anxiety, dreamstates and interpersonal conflicts and explores a method of characterization within music.

In my dreams I stand upon a void under a pink sky
As I whispered down, you growled back to me
Bubbles of light imploded behind my eyes
In conflict, the three of us search for common ground

The original work was made for a 5 speaker surround setup. A 2 channel headphone version can be listened to on the right.

Length: 17′ 52″

Dodomundo X Yon Eta for NTS
mix / guest show

Guest mix with Dodomundo for Ling and Kepla’s show on NTS radio. Originally aired on 16 December 2017.

Phonophani – Mendel
yon eta – take me 2 the feeling
GENEpoOL – Ulayh Pmia
DJ NATE – Lil Mama Badd As Hell
ATC x Timbaland x Girls Love DJs – Around the Flute (yon eta blend)
Gated Boyhood ft Pony – Slap That Meat
Yetti Da.vinci Kid – Gz Brought Back To Life
Drone Operator – Vera Crux
Rae Sremmurd – SWANG Feat. 21 Savage (MF RMX)
LIL PUMP – Foreign (LUNY Baile-Funk Edit)
Robert Miles vs. Nelly Furtado – Children Say It Right [Martinn]
Anti-G – Freak It Out
Hodge – A Break in the Building

Length: 30′ 26″
Interview with MusicMap Global
MusicMap Global

Back in 2017 I got interviewed by Nicholas Burman for MusicMap Global. A full feature interview diving into my inspirations as an artist, my method’s behind making music, the local music scene in Netherlands and both my event platform Bar None as well as my label Devorm.

Hybrid A/V with VJ Sphynx
TodaysArt Festival 2017
audiovisual performance

In a one-off show for TodaysArt 2017 Dutch artist Yon Eta and Mexican artist Sphynx present a hybrid A/V show exploring contemporary mashup culture. Inspired by social media infrastructure and nowadays’ fast content creation, they are consciously reinterpreting meaning by playing with source versus context of online content.

Mix for Pantropical

Special mix for Rotterdam based organization Pantropical. A 50 min selection of Gqom, Contemporary Club Music and Pop Music Edits.

Shapeshifting DJ and A/V composer yoneta has a maximalist approach regarding sound while limiting his options. Like here, his DJ sets can incorporate anything; from South African gqom to reductionist R&B. He is the co-organisor of the forward-thinking Bar None club events in Amsterdam and runs the DEVORM imprint. This mix is made in full support of Yon Eta’s show at 16.09.2017 together with WHY BE

01. Diego Navarro – Sí
02. Diego Navarro – This World Will Eat You Alive And Spit You Back Out
03. Dominowe – Darbuka Tribe (Tribe Dance)
04. Riddlore – Bakka Pygmies Riddim
05. AudioBoyz – Danger
06. Ramadanman – Glut (excerpt)
07. Citizen Boy – Ghetto Mafia
08. Julz Da Deejay – Broken Souls
09. Dominowe – NewLands Mgido
10. Dj Mabheko – Syagwaba (704 Gqomu)
11. Rudeboyz – Rude Anthem
12. Rudeboyz ft. Afrodeep – Skandi Roots
13. Dominowe – Umthakathi
14. Zulu Naja – Ndiya Ndiya
15. DJ Scream ft. Juicy J, Young Dolph, 21 Savage – Lit
16. AudioBoyz – Gibbon 5
17. Soulja Boy Tell’em – Pretty Boy Swag
18. Citizen Boy – Indaba Ka Bani Besibenuza
19. MM – WW5
20. DJ Hoodcore – Phyre
21. DJ Slugo – Juke Me From The Back Low
22. DJ N.k. – Sambapito
23. Zomby – Horrid
24. Anas kareem El tal2a el russye – انس كريم الطلقة الروسية
25. Balasa – Teri Duniya (Drum Mix)
26. DJ Boozywoozy – The Dancefloor (Bubblin)
27. Waka Flocka Flame – Clayco
28. Dogo Niga – Nikwite Nan
29. DJPuppy – Eye ft. P

Length: 49′ 02″

Esc. at De Fabriek
De Fabriek (Eindhoven)
sound sculpture

360° AR x ASMR Installation work made during a residency in deFabriek. A sculpture showcasing a URL link which leads the visitors to a Augmented Reality space. Besides this, a spatial ASMR soundpiece is playing projecting sound on the sculpture including a voice-over narrating the piece.

The Long Progress Bar 2K16 Theme Mix
Progress Bar / Lighthouse UK

A special mix created for the Long Progress Bar 2016 in anticipation of their annual festival.

Amnesia Scanner – “Habitat” from Angels Rig Hook
Yoko Kanno – Ghosthack
Fatima Al Qadiri – Endzone
M.I.A. – Borders (accapella)
Lotic – Feign
G. Holst – The planets Op. 32 – Neptune, the Mystic w. Berliner Philharm.
The Punishment of Luxury – FAL (Holly Herndon x Edward Snowden Freak a Mix)
J.G. Biberkopf – Spirit
zutzut x Lechuga Zafiro x De La Guetto – La Berretta
¬ b (fka Lee Bannon) – 3m2-disc1
DJ Mabheko – Syagwaba (704 Qqomu)
Why Be & Elysia Crampton – Irreducable Horizon
TCF – DB 9F 72 A8 B4 1C 62 8A 3C 96 22 8B 5B 03 23 6F 81 16 64 76 3E 0A D8 16
Ital Tek – Reflection through Destruction
Regis – Blood Witness
Violence – Psycud
808 mafia – Be-Bop-Mission
Rabit – Glass Harp Interlude
Jlin – Infrared (Bagua)
Mala – Changes (Harmonimix Refix)
TCF – 54 C6 05 1C 13 CC 72 E9 CC DC 84 F2 A3 FF CC 38 1E 94 0D C0 50 5C 3E E8
Rabit & Elysia Crampton – After Woman (for Bartolina Sisa)
x/o – crim.luna
Ital Tek – Vacuum I

Length: 44′ 41″

Viral Radio shows
Viral Radio / Red Light Radio

In 2016 I was invited by Juha van t’ Zelfde to host a monthly show on his Viral Radio platform. Over the span of a year I played a two hour long show each month inspired by new internet music. Shows hosted on Red Light Radio and archived on Mixcloud.

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